Read This Feed: Dragos Roua


Optimization. The key word when it comes to this self-titled blog by author Dragos Roua is “optimization.” Roua believes,essentially, that every day is a chance to improve on the life you have. This blog chronicles the trials and tribulations of Dragos on his trip through life and all the “crossroads” he comes to. As the author so aptly puts it in his “About This Blog Section,”

This blog is just a continuous story about all the crossroads I want to overcome, to solve, to discover, to find, to explain, to understand, to build, to create, to share or to complete, in order for my travel to be as fulfilling as possible.

Don’t expect to find common things here, and in the case you will still find common things, enjoy them, because they will not emerge often.

But do expect to find controversial, unexpected, unusual or just plain strange interpretations here. I saw over the time that some of my thoughts or mental connections have the tendency to put people in the dazzling state. Dazzling is good, sometimes. It makes [means?] your brains working.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of insightful notions you can find on Dragos’ site:

So make sure you take a few minutes to check out this site. We at Fit And Sexed endorse this site and give it our seal of approval when we tell you to, “READ THIS FEED!” The fact is that perfection is rarely a reality and is usually a state of mind that drives the motivated. Everyone can use to optimize and improve their lives. Dragos Roua, through his site, aims to help his audience accomplish this goal, one piece of advice at a time.