Read This Feed: Ask Dan And Jennifer


The best way to describe is bystating that it’s like the sex-ed class you never got in high school…but always wanted. And it’s not the type of want that makes you look like  sordid liscentious pervert. Everyone has these questions but, due to societal taboos which instruct us that embracing sexuality is debased and depraved, no one asks them. Enter Dan and Jennifer. This dynamic duo of so-called “debauchery” throws inhibitions to the wind and proceeds by the maverick mantra of, “Hey…Someone’s gotta tell you this stuff and if noone else will do it…WE WILL!”  But wait…There’s More!

For all of the regular old fashioned advice you need, Dan and Jennifer are like the friend that puts an hand on your shoulder and talks to you when there is something you need to figure out about intimacy and love. That is why their website is structured like a “Q and A” forum, without the Q. And that is simply because they know what you would like to know, and so they just answer the questions that others may be squeemish to pose. (Although, you can write to them too.)

In their about section, which is extremely terse and succinct, the pair simply states,

We will answer your questions openly, honestly, and without bias or judgement. Question Everything…”

Our mission is to help people create conscious relationships based on love and acceptance rather than fear, jealousy, anger, and ownership. It’s time to move on from outdated ideas about relationships and sex…

Here are a few categories we can endorse:

So take a look at a few of these articles and videos and keep up on the site because who knows? Maybe someday you’ll need the advice. And for its brand of expertise, this site has it all. Besides the subject matter, we’re sure you’ll find that as far as grades are concerned, everyone gets an “OH!”