Benefits of Alkaline Water

June 12th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

alkaline water health benefits Drinking water is something we all should do, regardless of whether or not we are already in perfect health. Water is beneficial to our health in so many way. For one, it contains no extra ingredients which can have an adverse affect on our physical well being: no sugars, no preservatives, no extracts and no carbonation. Water is nature’s life giving mana and it is one of the elements that truly makes life, and health, better. But is there a way to make water better?

The term ‘alkaline’ refers to a solution that neutralizes acid, so Alkaline water’s purpose is to reduce or neutralize acidity in the body. But other than stating this, what are the benefits of Alkaline water? Well, aside from it actually being water, the alkalinity of the water serves as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important because they destroy free radicals (atomic or molecular particles that are highly chemically reactive and are believed to be a major cause of degenerative diseases and cancers) within the blood stream. And that’s not all.

Preliminary research has shown that alkaline water may help in the slowing of bone loss. While the research is not entirely conclusive and needs to be furthered, the implications are huge if long-term study finds that bone mineral density can be influenced by consuming alkaline water over the long term. This would spell many good tidings to those whom are going through menopause or just experiencing old age. The human body is an amazing machine and is quite capable of self-repair but there are times when it needs help and in cases such as these (free radicals and bone loss), it could use some capable and natural help. And that’s not all.

Balance is a natural and beautiful aspect of nature that keeps our planet spinning and us alive. But what about the balance within our bodies? We put so much junk into our bodies every day that they become out of whack with nature. This is where alkaline water comes into play. Imagine having a pH balance that is ideal, keeping you healthy and virile. By reducing or removing excess acid from the bloodstream, you are, in effect, balancing your pH level and keeping your body healthy.

So what have we learned from all of this? We’ve learned that alkaline water has many benefits to one’s health and that it can be a vital tool in our fight to improve our overall wellness. Keep fit and raise a glass of alkaline water in your honor: To your health!

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